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Let’s Get to Work: Growing People 


Let’s Get to Work: Investing in People began with the suggestion to “be brave and create space for new ideas and actions” and ended with a panel that provided people with actual suggestions to take back to their workplaces.

What happened in between? Everyone put their heads together to answer the question, “why invest in people?”

There were six breakout sessions, three roundtable discussions, an awards luncheon, exhibitor’s tables, networking opportunities, and the chance to discuss the importance of investing in people.

_mg_0748“I think the investing in people theme is fantastic, there’s nothing more important that we need to think about than investing in people,” says Jan Forster, Assistant Deputy Minister, Workforce Development, Department of Education and Training.

According to Forster, “employees, employers, and educators, and career development professionals all have a really important role to play in a healthy workforce.”

Employment and training consultations from across Manitoba underscore the importance of employers being engaged in the process of helping people connect to careers.

_mg_0807The idea of employer engagement found expression in the keynote presentation – Building Strength with People – from Vector Construction CEO, Bob Spirggs.

“Growing people is really a passion of mine, whether it’s my own family, my family at work, growing them seeing them succeed is truly invigorating it’s fantastic to see,” says Spriggs.

Growing People

According to Spriggs, growing people is a holistic endeavor that starts with putting the people before the company.

“In our organization, when we do our annual reviews and we set priorities for all our staff the first item out of their eight priorities for the year is something that they want to do personally.”

Spriggs relates how:

  • The extensive use of personality tests has profound implications on personal and professional growth (staff, couples, families, and children).
  • When it comes to developing people one size does not fit all; everyone is unique and learns differently.
  • Companies can’t grow without people, so growing people is essential.
  • If you don’t facilitate people’s growth needs, they turn into statistics.

“I don’ think that Vector’s goal is construction it’s growing people, construction is the means to pay for it,” says a Vector employee.


_mg_0965The Fit


For Vector, the success of growing the right people starts with hiring the right people.

 “I use the word fit because it becomes an important part of how we grow people in our organization, you need people that fit with the organization,” says Spriggs.

Spriggs relates how:

  • Fit includes personality and career aspirations.
  • Organizations recruit in a way that reflects your organizational culture.
  • You can always hire for skill but it’s hard to hire for culture.
  • Hire for fit and career – not job. You want people to have a career not a job.

According to Spriggs, it takes longer to hire for fit, but in the end it’s worth it.

The Investment

“We have to train, train, train, train, train so that they [employees] can make decisions right where and at the time that it needs to be done,” say Spriggs.

Spriggs relates how:

  • Encourage effort and recognize and reward achievement.
  • Vector University – facilitate and continuously grow education and training.
  • External consultant who conducts Myers Briggs, Enneagram, and Archetype profiling as well as EAP.
  • Mentorship is provided for individuals identified for accelerated development.
  • When times are tough you should continue to invest in your people.

“Exceptional investments in people equate to exceptional results,” says Spriggs.

The results of Vector’s employee development investments are low staff turnover, engaged employees, happy employees, high productivity, and being identified as one of Canada’s best managed companies.

Throughout the day attendees of Let’s Get to Work picked up kernels of wisdom from presenters, colleagues, and friends but the one that best answers the question, “why invest in people?” is encapsulated in closing remarks of the key note.

“The last point I want to leave you with is…you don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business and that’s where Vector’s been,” says Spriggs.  “Vector would’t have gotten to where it is today by trying to build a business; we’ve been building people and it’s the people who got us there.”


Bob SpriggsBuilding Strength, With People
Bob Spriggs

The Let’s Get to Work steering committee is proud to announce this year’s keynote speaker is Bob Spriggs, CEO of Vector Construction.

Vector is a concrete restoration, protection, and repair company.  With offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, Toronto, North Dakota, Illinois, and Indianna, Vector is an industry leader centred in Winnipeg.

Bob’s presentation can be found below.


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The Let’s Get to Work Steering Committee is proud to announce the 2016 presentation line-up. Each of the presentations explores this year’s theme: Investing in People.

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