Career Trek

9th Floor, 191 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0X1
T: 204.944-1800
Toll free: 1-800-693-3864

Please fill out the form below for general inquiries. For all other inquires, please see the staff listing for direct contact information.



Rhonda Taylor, CEO
204-944-1800 ext. 111


Bill Hicks, Vice President of Operations
204-944-1800 ext. 112

Lasha Stordeur, Acting Senior Director of Fund Development and Programming
204-944-1800 ext. 119

Judy Braun, Marketing and Communications Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext. 116

Danielle Hollinger, Education Savings Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext. 154

Anatoliy Furda, Acting Director of Programming (Winnipeg Region)
204-944-1800 ext. 153

Uliana Yudelevich, Finance Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext. 158

Estrella Gadian, Office Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext. 165

Dilraj Mathauda, Data Administrator
204-944-1800 ext. 165


Lenya Wilks, Wonder of Work Westman/Parkland Program Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext.155

Yvanne Dandan, After School Program Manager
204-944-1800 ext. 117

Tanya Regehr, Special Project Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext. 161

Sydni Masiowski, Wonder of Work Winnipeg Program Manager
204-944-1800 ext. 157

Kendall Johnson, Wonder of Work Winnipeg Program Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext. 120

Junior Staff Mentorship Coordinator
204-944-1800 ext. 120

Wonder of Work NorMan Program Manager
204-944-1800 ext. 159

Darrell Cole, Founder