Bulgarian Visit Day One

Thursday, March 10

Winnipeg is amazing, diverse, vital, colorful and bustling, but is not a city, in European terms.  It is more like a small country.

BulgariansIt would be The country of the friendly, smiling, connecting people. After the people, spaces and cars amaze me. They are inevitable and mostly huge. You live, you drive. May be one gets old when stops driving…


At home, can’t stop thinking of so many friends that don’t drive. They say it is too difficult or dangerous or complicated.

On the first day, we had a chance to join a programme in MITT. Amazing! We received a tour of the facilities by Ginger, who showed us all the classrooms and explained the logic that MITT follows in order to prepare young people for the most popular trades.

Chef Louis 2 (WR)We then joined the girls from the M Programme in their Culinary class. We couldn’t take our eyes and ears of Chef Louis Rodriguez, who was both dexterous and eloquent and very engaging. If all instructors are like him, it would be really hard not to set on the path of his occupation. Not to mention the crêpes. It will be unfair to you, you haven’t been there and haven’t had a chance to try. With strawberries and cream…