A car, two graduates, and a need for answers

After graduating from university, Denis Luchyshyn and Clinton Nellist decided to take the unconventional route to discovering their career paths – a beat-up Cavalier and a one-way trip across the country.

What they found was a network of professionals and organizations that share a goal of providing advice that will ease the school-to-work transition for students. Career Trek was among the organizations they discovered.

Denis and Clinton are the motivated and spirited founders of Road to Employment, an opportune project aimed at developing actionable employment advice for students and graduates to help them find meaningful and relevant work.

After graduating from university and getting buffeted by the challenging youth labour market, these two young men decided to embark on a fact-finding mission in the hopes of saving other young people from a similar struggle.

The pair has spent the last four months travelling across Canada talking to employers, career experts, and recent graduates to compile employment advice for those trying to break into the workforce.

They stopped by the Career Trek office to gain insight into what Career Trek is doing to help students navigate their very own “road to employment.”

What they found when they got here is a shared commitment to easing young people’s transition from school to work through increased knowledge.

While in Manitoba, Denis and Clinton discovered that Winnipeg is facing outwards migration issues. They note that there are opportunities in Winnipeg but recognize that employers have to do more to reach out to youth.

“The majority of job opportunities are not posted online and are only available through personal networks,” says Denis.

The end goal of Road to Employment is to help youth take advantage of the hidden opportunities for success by providing advice to students and youth.

“Now that the research phase is over, we are moving in to production phase. This means sifting through the 150 plus hours of footage, creating narrative, and beginning
in-studio editing” says Denis.

Denis and Clinton have this advice for job seekers:

“Figure out what you’re interested in; find people who are doing that and ask for guidance or a chance to become involved. Don’t be shy to ask questions and approach new people. Your network, both personal and professional, is how you will grow and succeed.”

In the spring of 2015, Denis and Clinton will be retracing their steps back across Canada to share their video documentary, their experiences, and the answers they hopefully found.

For more information visit the Road to Employment website at roadtoemployment.ca.