About Us

Career Trek’s Vision:

  • A Manitoba where all citizens are able to realize their full career and education potential.

Our Mission:

  • To provide Manitobans with a wide range of experiences and information designed to develop the knowledge, skills, relationships, and values consistent with career and education success.


Career Trek Inc. is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity that helps young people discover the importance of education and career development by providing career oriented programming in educational settings across Manitoba. Through the use of hands-on activities and a belief in the power of education, Career Trek exposes children to occupations and professions that ignite their passion for learning and inspires them to recognize their own potential.

Career Trek’s unique learning model propels children and youth through progressively more challenging and enriching stages of education and career development learning; learning that increases skills and competence, self-awareness and understanding, and produces participants that are engaged and invested in themselves and their communities.

Education and career development are more relevant today than in the past. A strong understanding of the value of a life-long education, thoughtful career choices, employment skills development, and knowledge of labour-market trends are essential to students achieving their dreams.

Career Trek has inspired thousands of young Manitobans to gain new skills, understand the relevance of education, set career goals, and become their own career champions.

With Career Trek, a career path is no longer a guessing game it is a thoughtfully laid out tool—a map—that helps students reach their goals. Participants leave the program equipped with the knowledge and experience they need to make informed decisions about their futures.

Charity Registration #: 86835 0547RR0001