The Process

The most important aspect of Career Trek’s learning model is the process of self-discovery and growing understanding that it sets in motion in the lives of young people. We call this the Career Trek Process.

At each step of the program young people are introduced to a dynamic process of learning and discovery that inevitability expands their understanding of themselves and their opportunities, launching them on to the next step of the program.

CT Process

Career Trek’s hands-on learning model increases problem solving and decision making skills, leaving young people feeling competent and confident.

Confident young people feel empowered and engaged in their studies. Children who are invested in their education and career futures begin to assess their options and understand the relevance of their learning.

This process of doing, learning, and assessing happens at every stage of Career Trek programming and results in young people becoming adults with a belief in lifelong learning.

Career Trek doesn’t just teach young people about occupations it teaches them how to become their own career champions.