Who Does Career Trek Serve?

At its core, Career Trek is an organization that serves children and their families. Each year Career Trek helps almost 800 children and youth start their career journeys, and by helping support children through the turning points in their education and career paths, Career Trek also serves the community.

Career Trek provides children and youth with a set of programs that helps them to discover who they are and what occupation they might want to pursue.

Career Trek recognizes the vital role that parents, guardians, and extended family play in guiding, nurturing, and supporting the development of well thought out career paths. We invite family and friends to programming, provide career development resources, and encourage families to begin talking about careers early.

For children and their families, the benefits of clearly laid out career plans are plain. What is less apparent are the secondary impacts of Career Trek programming.

As Career Trek participants progress along their career paths, preparing to tackle 21st Century workforce challenges, they sow the seeds of success for society as a whole. By building bridges between children and youth, families, the school system, First Nations communities, industry, post-secondary and training institutions, and government Career Trek serves the community at large.

Our programming:

  • Inspires children to follow their interests into specific sectors, benefiting industry.
  • Helps children to recognize the relevance of their academic studies, benefiting the school system.
  • Encourages children to attend post-secondary and apprenticeship programs, benefiting post-secondary institutions and employers.
  • Helps ease student transitions from school to work, benefiting the province.
  • Actively seeks First Nations input in the development of program models to ensure the needs of the children and community are met, benefiting our First Nations community partners.
  • Helps newcomer children and youth navigate the challenges of an unfamiliar system, benefiting the newcomer community.
  • Introduces children and youth to post-secondary and training institutions they might not otherwise experience, benefiting rural and remote participants and families.

How to Join Career Trek

Career Trek participants are nominated by partnering schools. If you are interested in attending a Career Trek program, contact your school’s administration and ask if the school is a Career Trek partner and how to get involved.