Angela Grospe’s Career Trek Story

At first, she wanted to pursue massage therapy but her mom was very against her going into massage therapy, for concern of her hands. While at GRTW she didn’t have an idea of what she wanted to do, but she knew one thing. “I wanted to be able to heal someone with my hands,” Grospe says. 

While in GRTW Angela got the chance to go on a trip to Brandon with the Manitoba Bisons Basketball team, and she got to spend time with an Athletic Therapist and have hands-on experience. “My eyes were just twinkling at that point,” Grospe says. 

That moment was where she realized athletic therapy was what she wanted to do. 

During high school, Grospe forgot about Athletic therapy. After a problem with her application into a music school, Grospe decided to go to the University of Winnipeg and take the course intro to kinesiology instead.  

Currently, she is teaching Athletic Therapy in Career Trek’s M Program, while she was teaching athletic therapy she realized that Career Trek was the reason that she was in Athletic Therapy. “until I started piecing things together.” Grospe says. 

Angela gives advice to the next generation coming into Career Trek. She thinks people should pay attention to the things that there being taught and being shown, appreciate your time and take all that you can get from it, 

“If you find something you’re interested in read more into it”