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Free Money for Career Trek Families

Career Trek is breaking new ground with the creation of a unique new occupation that will link its participants and their families with free education savings from the government of Canada.

With the creation of this new position Career Trek, and its partners the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation and the Winnipeg Foundation, hopes to provide a resource for families to help them access a large pool of money the Canadian government has set aside to help them save for their children’s education.

Every year eligible children and their families miss out on the opportunity to access education savings provided by the government. In the Winnipeg area alone, there are millions of dollars of unused grant money available.

The new Education Savings Coordinator, Lauren Reeves, started work in late December and has already set herself the goal of helping as many families as possible access this unused grant money.

“If we can get every participants’ family to open an RESP that would be 100 per cent success,” says Reeves. “And that would be great!”

The Canada Learning Bond is an education savings vehicle eligible to families with children born in 2004 or later who receive the National Child Benefit Supplement.

The family receives an initial $500 payment followed by an additional $100 every year until the child is 15.

The Canada Education Savings Grant is an education savings program that will match family donations to an RESP up to a maximum of $2,000 per child, helping families save for their children’s education

“We hear more and more about the rising cost of tuition for university and colleges so to find out there’s a program that’s going to help families save is very exciting,” says Reeves. “And really, there are no strings attached.”

Reeves will begin inviting Career Trek families to an information sessions in 2015, ensuring that the money that is available ends up making a difference in the life of a young person in Manitoba.

Any current or former Career Trek families that want help accessing these funds can contact [email protected].