Bloggin’ in Bulgaria: Day 6

National art gallery of bulgaria

After having a good sleep, we agreed to meet Iva Boneva at the National Art Gallery of Bulgaria.  It is a beautiful building whose construction was started in 1878, just after its proclamation of independence from the Ottoman empire.  Its original purpose was as a place for Bulgaria’s first monarch, but over time and after many additions, it became the national gallery.

National art gallery of bulgaria

After viewing works from across Bulgaria and Eastern European countries, and taking in the wonderment of some of the beautiful rooms in the gallery, we left to walk thru central Sofia. On the walk, we passed the inspiring sight of a large mosque abutting a beautiful, old synagogue.  What an inspiring sight for the world amidst the turmoil of today’s religious strife!  We then passed thru a central indoor market, which was loaded with Bulgarian foods and wares.  A trip back to the market will be inevitable before the return journey home.

the amazing meal Iva's mother prepared for us

the amazing meal Iva’s mother prepared for us

Soon enough we were back at C.I.E.’s office to access their automobile.  We then departed for grocery shopping and the to pick up Iva’s mother, who was to join us for supper (as it turned out “joining us” really meant she was going to prepare supper).  It would be difficult to determine what was more amazing, the supper or the personalities of our companions, but let’s just say they were equally delicious.

Sated by food, drink and conversation, we returned to the apartment tired and ready for another good sleep.