Bulgarian Visit Day Five

Day 5, Monday, March 14

We spent an extremely useful day in the office, meeting Bill, Melissa, Meghan and Darrell. (A side note about the interesting pre-office morning: the space that we covered in the car this morning in Bulgaria would amount for a good journey – here, in Winnipeg it is just a normal city drive.)

We were amazed by a dozens of things, but most significantly by two, which we will try to put in words in order of appearance.

Iva and DimeterFirstly, how similar are our two organizations – not so much in the quantifiable, visible features but in the internal and core values and developments; and how close we are in our stages of development. Well, we are lagging a few years behind and just hope to be able to overcome the critical stage in the best possible way – hopefully, the Career Trek way.  Secondly, and this is not a new thing for us in Canada – the genuine generosity of people and trekkers in particular. Bill, Melissa, Meghan and Darrell shared with us mountains of knowledge, experience and lessons learnt.

We learned a lot about Darrell’s vision of Career Trek and how he has been implementing it throughout the years. Bill gave us an invaluable insight into the operational management of the organization and the various tools he uses to make things run smoothly. Melissa and Meghan gave us further information about the organizational structure, the separation of tasks and responsibilities and the ways they approach the administrative – the work going on behind all the programming and thee different ways to seek funding for an NGO in Manitoba. We sincerely hope to be able to utilize that in the best possible way.

Evening? Beyond marvelous! Let’s not peeve you all off and just mention Spanish guitar, Argentinian wine and enchiladas – a true watering hole, as Darrell puts it. And friends shared it with us.