Bulgarian Visit Day Four

Day 4, Sunday, March 13

By now we feel like true Canadians as we learn how to make pancakes with the help of Lasha’s sons.

Human Rights Museum 2After breakfast we headed to the Museum of Human Rights. Iva was well prepared by an experience she had many years ago in Wales. The thing is, when you visit different places, you cannot help yourself comparing with your own country and experiences. So, many years ago Iva was in Wales with a colleague visiting a community school, where children with severe and profound disabilities studied along with their peers in a truly inclusive environment. They scared to stiff the local hosts when both burst into loud tears as some of children with disabilities came in laughing and smiling and greeted them. How could the poor Welsh teachers know that the same children would have been caged and tied to their beds in Bulgaria at that time?

Human Rights Muesue 1While the Museum of the Human Rights was not so intense, it stroke a similar cord. Will there ever be a similar museum in Bulgaria? Who would possibly build it? Who would possibly go and visit? How did it happen that in Bulgaria “human rights” is often a derogative and mocking word meaning “some-NGOs-are-money-laundering-for-doing-nothing”. And then, how are values instilled in children? How are values instilled in Canadian children? And what values are instilled in Bulgarian kids?…  And probably a thousand more questions like that.

Thoughtful and slightly dreary we went home (it does indeed feel like home) and had a beautiful and extremely heartwarming supper with Lasha and her amazing three young warriors. It is personal, so all we can say is that Canada would not be half that as great for us, if we were not staying at Lasha’s.