Bulgarian Visit Day Six

Day 6: Tuesday, March 16

We continue with our meetings with people from Careertrek to learn more about the way the organization operates and manages its large number of programmes.

Lauren told us a lot about the Canada Learning Bond, Canada Education Savings Grant and the Registered Education Savings Plans. These programmes are powerful tools at the disposal of Canadian families, but the public is largely uninformed about them or put off by the cumbersome administrative procedures. This makes Laurens task quite challenging, but also unique in many ways.

Naomi and Erica shared their experience as Project Coordinators for the Seven Oaks School Division Program. It was very interesting for us to learn about the logistics and the preparations that need to be done for the organization of such large (at least by our standards) numbers of students, instructors and schools. We will definitely be able to use some of Career Trek’s experience in parent involvement, staff training and safety policies in our new project “School Makes Sense”.

One of the things that we think makes Career Trek so effective are the well prepared curricula. Kirsten gave an insight into the way they are structured, tested and then applied. Another key component are the roadmaps for the students – something we have been thinking on for a couple of months for our projects and were now able to see in use.

During the previous days in Winnipeg we had the chance to observe some of the many programs that Career Trek does and we were wondering how all the administrative, accounting and day-to-day tasks are handled. It turns out there is a person in charge of all this – Hank. He is the mechanic that makes the machine run smoothly.

Last, but not least, we had a meeting with Rob – the person in charge of all the communication, including this very blog. We had a long and prolific chat about all sorts of issues – handling internal communication with a constantly rising number of employees, relations with media, external communications management and how to involve everyone in it, communication with key stakeholders like students, parents, universities schools etc. We definitely have a lot to learn from Career Trek and one thing we will surely be introducing in the Centre for Inclusive Education is the internal newsletter.