Bulgarian Visit Day Ten

Day 10: Saturday, March 20

Darrell picked us up in the morning and we headed to Stevenson where we were to see the kids from the Wonder of Work program getting to know the careers the aviation industry has to offer.

Dimitir and Drew (WR)Once again we could see the smoothly running machine of Career Trek. The staff was there before the kids arrived, with all the preps ready. When the buses came in everything went according to the procedure – no one gets off the bus before a staff member comes to pick them up. Each group of 15 children goes to one of the four occupations as they rotate during the course of the day. We got really lucky as we had Drew for a guide. A passionate aviation mechanic, he showed us around and gave us tons of information about his work for Career Trek, the type of tasks that they give to the children and all sorts of interesting things about the planes and helicopters there. It got us thinking, once again, about the importance of having interesting and passionate presenters, who are able to give an exciting, yet realistic, overview of their occupation. This way the kids really get to experience the atmosphere of the workplace and get an honest impression of what this job requires, in terms of knowledge and skills. Just for the record, Iva will no longer dream about being a pilot – it proved to be not as easy and all-glamourous as many people think. Who knew! Thanks, Drew!

Iva Athletic Therapy (WR)After Stevenson we had to rush to University of Manitoba, where we were to attend Athletic therapy and Agriculture classes, also part of the Wonder of Work. In Athletic therapy kids learned about different types of injuries and how to treat them. They also had a lot of fun playing and exercising (what’s the difference?). After that we headed to a neighbouring building where we were to attend Agriculture class. It started with a short presentation of what is agriculture and why it is important for Canada. After the kids were separated into teams, each representing a different country and having a certain amount of agricultural produce, and we got to join them. Iva found herself in Japan while Dimitar went to Brazil. When the game began, each country sent negotiators to trade with the other countries, while keeping one person “at home” to receive incoming trading offers. After several rounds Brazil managed to get everything except canola (Canada just wouldn’t trade it for beef!) and Japan found itself short on wheat. As Iva put it “These Russian kids are tough!”.

Pot Luch (WR)After the programme we had to leave quickly, as we needed to go shopping and cooking for the potluck party that evening.  Fast-forward a couple of hours and we’re sitting around the table at Lasha’s with plates as diverse as Winnipeg – Ukrainian-Canadian pierogi and kuhlbasa, Pakistani style vegetables, two types of salad, Bulgarian stuffed vegetables and a dish that made all of us rediscover Brussels sprouts (thank you KerstinJ). It was a memorable evening, but also a bit sad one, as we had to say goodbye to a lot of our Career Trek friends. To make us feel even more as a part of the team, they even gave us the official “jersey” – the Career Trek sweater and hat.

To everyone at Career Trek – we use this occasion to say once again how much we loved meeting all of you. Your friendliness and hospitality made Winnipeg a very warm place for us and your passion and devotion to your work inspired us. We will be forever grateful for everything you did for us and strongly hope that we will meet again.