Bulgarian Visit Day Two

Friday, March 11

We took off early in the morning from Winnipeg to visit Skownan. We drove through the wind swept prairies of Manitoba, along frozen lakes and beautiful peaceful villages. Our accent attracted the attention of the owner of a pastry shop in St Rose du Lac and we had to answer some questions about Bulgaria in front of a crowd of curious and very friendly customers.

Skownan -Bulgarians (WR)The school in Skownan received us with open arms. One could instantly see how closely knit this community is and how devoted the school staff is to preserving ancestral traditions and passing it on to the younger generations. We received a tour of the premises and made a small presentation to a group of 7 year olds, discussing the size of Bulgarian houses and the most popular sports in Europe.

Skownan_Bulgarians 2We’ re looking forward to returning there tomorrow for a day of trapping and fishing with the community members and the mentors from the University of Manitoba.