If you like the idea of empowering young people to succeed, then volunteering with Career Trek is for you.

Administrative Support Volunteer

The Administrative Support Volunteer will lend a hand to our team of hardworking, supportive, and accepting individuals. Career Trek staff often need assistance with a wide range of tasks including filing, organizing information, managing materials, issuing mail outs, maintaining resource lists, proof-reading, and answering phone calls.

For more information contact Lasha Stordeur.

Board of Directors

Board members use their extensive knowledge and work experience to provide direction in strategic planning, fundraising, and networking. They ensure that Career Trek meets it obligations and is run well. The Board of Directors is always looking for talented people with a desire to help young people and contribute to the community.

For more information contact Bill Hicks.

Communications and Promotion Volunteer

Interested in writing and designing brochures, reports, or other materials? Want to help promote our programs and services? Interested in maintaining our social media accounts? If so, this is the perfect volunteer position for you!

For more information contact Judy Braun.

Program Support Volunteer

The Program Support Volunteer will provide learning opportunities to the children and youth enrolled in programming. Career Trek participants need to learn as much about the working world as they can. That’s why we love it when volunteers with specific skills and abilities offer to share their knowledge. From Rock Climbers to Accountants, if you have a skill, we aim to give you the opportunity to share it.

For more information contact Lasha Stordeur.

Research Collective

If you’re an academic who would like to join the Career Trek Research Collective or launch your own research project, Career Trek provides fertile ground for your endeavour.

For more information please contact Bill Hicks.