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Future Journalist Award Winners

Career Trek is thrilled to announce the first-ever Future Journalist Award winners for the 2016 programing year are Adam Dyck, Jade Cayer, Colton Ross, Caleb Huberdeau, and Josh Calabio.

“At Career Trek we believe that the incredible capacities of young people often go untapped,” says Career Trek CEO Darrell Cole.  “That’s why we are increasing the input our participants have in running the organization by having them help write our newsletter.”


This is the first year that participants in our various programs who have completed the Profile and Summary assignment are being recognized for their interviewing and writing skills.


Each of the award winners exhibited the ability to follow directions, ask questions, record responses, and write effectively.


Each of the participants was asked to conduct an interview and write a biography or autobiography (see below).  The winners are the participants who singled themselves out based on enthusiasm and writing skill.


“It was really exciting to see the quality and maturity of the work being done by the participants,” says Rob Marriott, Career Trek’s Public Relations Officer.  “I was especially impressed by work done by the finalists.”


In line with Career Trek’s belief in giving kids real career experiences, the Future Journalist Award was rolled out to provide participants with the opportunity to undertake a career related activity from start to finish.


With the inclusion of the Future Journalist Award into the lesson, the winners now get to see their work recognized in print, just like a real Journalist.


Congratulations to Jade, Josh, Presley, and Jadelynn for their excellent interviewing and writing skills.


Adam DyckFuture Journalist Award Winner: WOW (WPG) Term One
Profile of Gamanjot by Adam Dyck


Gamanjot likes to be called Cherry.  The funniest thing that ever happened to him was when he laughed so hard when trying not to laugh.


In his free-time he likes to go outside and play outside with his friends.


He’s excited to go into flight when he grows up, and he wants to be a racer!



Jade CayerWOW (WPG) Term 2 Future Journalist Award Winner
Profile by Jade Cayer


Michael James Prokipchuk is a very caring boy.  One time he went to Mexico and a baboon jumped and scared him; it was hilarious.


MJ loves to talk about cats.  He is hoping someone will discover him in Career Trek.  Also, he really wants to be an actor or a singer. 


Michael is absolutely hilarious; he thinks he’s so fashionable.  He has a very positive attitude.



Colton RossWOW (WPG) Term 3 Future Journalist Award Winner
Free Time by Colton Ross


Armann is an interesting gentleman.  He loves to play Battleships and Connect 4 in school during Free Time with someone else that’s done their work. 


At recess he plays with his friends.  They play tag, build snow forts, have snowball fights, and capture other snowforts. 


At home he likes to play sports and video games.  This concludes my article about Armann’s free time.   



Caleb HuberdeauWOW (WPG) Term 4 Future Journalist Award Winner
Profile by Caleb Huberdeau


William Hu is a 12-year-old basketball and piano playing friendly 6th grader boy who goes to Victor Mager School. 


His favourite things at Career Trek are rock climbing and eating ice cream.  He wants to be a mechanical engineer so he can make cars.  His hobby is animation and he is ok at drawing. 

The funniest and worst thing that ever happened to him was when he was playing basket ball the opposing team shot a 3-pointer and he said he doubted it would go in, and it went in. 



Josh CalabioSeven Oaks School Division Thursday Group Future Journalist Award Winner
Josh Calabrio Autobiography


My name is Josh, I’m very quirky and I love the sound of chimes.  I am a student at O.V. Jewitt School.  Warning: I am not a morning person so watch out!  I can do lots of impressions and weird voices.