Right Direction Online

Judy Braun

Judy’s favorite part about CT is being able to connect with so many different kids, “every experience is different.” Judy says. 

Judy’s favorite memory was being a part of a pilot project called “Pre-school Trek” The project was created to help 3 and ½ year-olds get ready for school. By providing parents with a series of 8 books and a toolkit with things they’re kids need to know before going to school. 

The M program graduation is also another thing Judy loves at CT, “Its incredible to see the passion they have” Being mom’s at such a young age and also having the drive to want education as well. 

Currently, all staff are working from home as of March 18, 2020. 

With a pause in our current programming, Career Trek staff – both full-time and part-time – are using the time to develop online activities related to career exploration that we are posting on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Staff are taking a deep dive into our programming and curriculum – updating training material, creating and updating lessons; and we are making plans to continue the work we started to expand programs to other regions in the province.” – Wrote Rhonda Taylor a CEO at CT

Judy talks about how the experience has been with online meetings in replacement of in-person meetings. “I like it in person…You connect differently” Judy says. But at the same time, in-person meetings are a lot longer, whereas online video chats are shorter and more productive.  

CT staff are working hard to create an amazing experience next semester. By looking at how they can add in careers that are new because of COVID-19. 

Currently, they are still providing ways for kids to be engaged and learning about different careers by doing Career Trek @Home. By letting kids experience different careers with the things they have at home. Learning about food development specialists by making ice cream with milk ice and sugar, or Announcers by creating your own podcast just by recording yourself talking about whatever you want to. 

CT still wants kids to continue learning about different careers, while there is a lot of uncertainty. “History changes what we do today, today will be history,” Judy says.