CRAVE Project

Career Readiness & Amazing Volunteer Experience

CRAVE – Career Readiness and Amazing Volunteer Experience

The Career Readiness & Amazing Volunteer Experience (CRAVE) Project launched in 2019 in partnership with high schools throughout Manitoba. CRAVE engages students in experiential career exploration and skill building activities while also creating a community service project plan aimed at addressing social issues and improving local communities.

Six groups of up to 12 youth each from all over Manitoba will work closely with Career Trek staff throughout the duration of this 13-week project. Youth will participate in a variety of career exploration sessions and skill building workshops with topics surrounding social issues that are important to local communities (ex. environment, public safety, mental health, cultural diversity, etc.). Youth will then focus on an issue to address by building a community service project plan. The groups will also get the chance to virtually connect with each other through participating in a half day conference.

Career Trek understands that in person programming may not be an option this year, therefore, we are making the move to offer our programming primarily online. We will do this through a combination of live-streamed sessions, recorded videos, and a digital resources library.



“I learned that it only takes a team of 4-8 people to make a difference in the world.”

-CRAVE participant

“I think that the CRAVE project is fun, quite entertaining, and it is something that opens the mindset of people involved in it.”

-CRAVE participant

“Every single class I have taken so far was amazing, but the one I really enjoyed was on community development”

-CRAVE participant

“I can attest to the students’ growth as a result of this project. They can now make informed decisions on their own without so much push. They displayed a high level of team collaboration while coming up with fantastic ideas. They can confidently talk about their areas of interest and that is awesome.”

-CRAVE team mentor

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