Summer Camp

What Are The Career Trek Summer Camps?

Career Trek programs help young people from equity-deserving backgrounds discover who they are and what their education and career future might be. By supporting young people through the turning points in their education and career paths, Career Trek also serves the community. 

What We Do 

  • Inspire young people to follow their interests. 
  • Demonstrate to young people how relevant and important their education is. 
  • Encourage young people to pursue post-secondary and apprenticeship programs that align with their goals.  
  • Assist families and students in finding financial resources to pursue post-secondary education. 
  • Ease the transition from school to work for students.  
  • Seek input from First Nations communities in the development of programs. Our goal is to support these communities in meeting their needs in ways that are culturally appropriate. 
  • Help children and youth who are newcomers to navigate unfamiliar systems. 
  • Introduce young people to post-secondary and training opportunities, as participants may not have otherwise experienced these possibilities.  

How We Do It 

  • Engaging, hands-on lessons. 
  • Age-appropriate activities. 
  • Enable youth to discover their likes and dislikes. 
  • Encourage self-reflection. 
  • Show the educational pathway through high-school and post-secondary education, for each occupation. 
  • Empower youth to plan for their future education and careers. 

Career Trek’s week-long Summer Camps are available in communities throughout Manitoba, including Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, and Thompson during July and August. To see what’s happening in your region click the links below. 

View Our Camps!

Winnipeg Region

Currently Available
    • Wonder of Work
    • M-Power
    • MBTI Trades Camp

West Region

Currently Available
    • Wonder of Work
    • JSMP

North Region

Currently Available
    • Wonder of Work

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How To Register

Call or visit your respective regions Summer Camp Page for more information.