Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Development of Career Trek’s Strategic Plan

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Executive Summary:

Career Trek wishes to enter into a contract with an Agency or Independent Consultant to guide the organization through the process of developing its next 3-year strategic plan. Career Trek’s next strategic plan will need to incorporate the realities specific to the impacts that COVID-19 is having on the charitable sector, the business community and all levels of government. Included in this development will also be the need to build and structure this strategic plan through the lenses of truth, reconciliation, anti-racism, diversity and inclusion. By developing the plan in this way, Career Trek will be well positioned to continue to meeting the needs and supporting the aspirations of individuals, families and communities that face racialized barriers to education, employment and social participation.

About Career Trek:

For 25 years, Career Trek has been delivering programs and services to children, youth and adults throughout the province of Manitoba. Our work focuses on providing education, career exploration and career development programming for participants who are typically under-represented in university, college and training programs and in the labour market as a whole. Programs are designed to be engaging and informative; are experiential and relevant to current trends; and create a passion for curiosity and life-long learning.

Project Overview:

In order to achieve success in developing a new 3-year strategic plan, the Agency or Independent Consultant will work directly with Career Trek’s Board of Directors, all full-time staff and a cross-section of key stakeholders to gather insight and input into key priority areas that will define the direction and objectives of the plan. Examples of key stakeholders could be school division or school partners, Elders or Knowledge Keepers, funders, community-based organizations, Career Trek Alumni or former staff.

Key Deliverables:

  1. Create a workplan that will highlight key activities and milestones to guide the research, consultation, and writing of a 3-year strategic plan
  2. Develop, build out, draft and present, in document format, a 3-year strategic plan that articulates key pillars of work. Each pillar of work will be inclusive of a goal statement and key objectives that will help to sustain, maintain and grow the organization
  3. Develop a list of Key Performance Indicators along with a reporting structure that Career Trek staff will use to report on its progress and hold itself accountable
  4. Revisit the Mission and Vision of the organization with the intention of rewriting both statements
  5. Develop a set of core values and belief statements
  6. Develop a new tag line to assist the organization with its brand awareness and communications
  7. Hold a series of discussion and focus groups with Board, Staff and Stakeholders
  8. Review past strategic plans along with recent reports and proposals to gain insight into the organization


  1. Conduct an environmental scan – SWOT analysis – that includes the current realities related to COVID-19, the charitable sector as a whole along with any lasting impacts of the pandemic on the sector, economic recovery, economic development, business and labour market trends, funding trends (all levels of government, foundations, corporate giving), youth and their role and contribution in relation to the future of work. The scan will also include a look at Indigenomics and the role of Indigenous people, communities and businesses in the economic recovery of the country. This is also inclusive of the role of Black and People of Colour in the space of recovery.
  2. Facilitate a series of planning sessions with the Board of Directors and full-time staff
  3. Develop a plan to facilitate focus groups or individual interviews with the Board of Directors and full-time staff as needed
  4. Conduct a series of interviews with a cross-section of key stakeholders who have a connection to the organization
  5. Through the lens of reconciliation, engage with Elders, Knowledge Keepers and community members familiar with the organization
  6. Using an anti-racism lens, connect with community members or former Career Trek staff to gain insight into how the organization can continue to be a safe place for staff, participants, families, communities and partners.

Criteria Matrix:

The following matrix will be used to evaluate the written proposals:

• Electronic Version of proposal received as per submission guidelinesYes/No
• Confirmed availability to commence and complete the work within the given timeframeYes/No
• Approach to and experience with the process of Strategic Planning15%
• Experience working with individuals, organizations or communities that face racialized barriers15%
• Knowledge of or experience working with an anti-racism lens15%
• Agency or independent consultant is an entity or individual who identifies as Indigenous, Black or a Person of Colour15%
• Proposed project plan with articulation of timeline, tasks, key milestones and team members to be involved10%
• Demonstrated experience working with and knowledge of the charitable sector10%
• Experience gathering and analyzing data locally, nationally and internationally10%
• Three (3) references from similar sized organizations including examples of past strategic planning work5%
• Budget5%


Confidentiality & Ownership

Over the course of the work conducted and the information received from all levels of the organization, the Agency or Consultant may encounter feedback or narrative that would be deemed confidential. It would be the expectation of the Agency or Consultant to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to the commencement of work.

Copyright and ownership of all original materials and resources developed through this project will reside with Career Trek. Should an Agency or Contractor be awarded the contract as a result of the RFP, all previously existing materials and resource incorporated into the final product will be deemed licensed, free of charge and in perpetuity to Career Trek. The materials and resources may be used, altered and distributed freely by Career Trek.


  • Proposals will be accepted until end of day on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021
  • Submissions can be addressed and emailed to Rhonda Taylor at: [email protected]  
  • In the subject line please articulate: Proposal – Strategic Plan

Start Date:                    June 1st, 2021
End Date:                     October 29th, 2021