Setting the Steeles Up for Success

Cassidy and Jorja were surprisingly focused considering their mother Keely had to call them in from outside, where they were riding a quad on a fresh summer adventure outside The Pas.

Kids Cassidy and Jorja’s age – 13 and 11 – often have a hard time pulling their attention away from a fun and exciting ride: that was not the case here.


Jorja Steele (WR)Jorja Steele is a young girl who just graduated from Career Trek’s NOR-MAN Program and she and her sister Cassidy – who graduated from the same program two years ago – seem to find talking about Career Trek almost as exciting as their aborted summer ride.


“It was quite fun to see all the different things, and how things work, and see what I like, to see what I’m good at, and what I’m not,” says Jorja.


“I liked going into Flin Flon and I got to work the simulator that went down into the mines,” says Cassidy.  “You got into the inside of this machine – it looked like the inside of an actual mining machine – and you got to go down and control it.”


And simulating education and job experiences – digging deep to unearth Cassidy and Jorja’s interests – is what Career Trek is all about.


Nothing could make Keely Steele happier than the help she received encouraging her daughters to take control of their education and career paths.


Cassidy Steele (WR)“Cassidy has Tourette…at the time she was very enclosed” says Keely.  “I needed help and that [Career Trek] just seemed to be able to open her eyes a little bit.”


According to Cassidy, she was scared, shy, and didn’t make friends easily.  But then she joined Career Trek and she started making friends and things got better.


“Before I didn’t like school because I had no interest in learning that much.  Now I know what I want to be when I grow up.  School’s a big thing for me now,” says Cassidy.  “I want to be a book author and an editor.”


Because Cassidy had already been in the program, Jorja had high expectations. All of which – according to Jorja’s mom – were exceeded.


“I want to be a nurse,” says Jorja.  “The best part of nursing was helping the patient and to experience the actual thing on dummies.”


Experiencing the ‘actual thing’ is a cornerstone of Career Trek’s learning model and programs are built around the belief that hands-on career related tasks engage kids and keep them invested in their learning.

According to mom Keely, both girls have grown, matured, and have started to apply the lessons they learned at Career Trek to their everyday life.


“Their everyday school marks have increased dramatically, they are now on the honour roll year round, they’ve realized their own self-responsibility for their homework and who they are personally,” says Keely.


Cassidy and Jorja are now focused on more than just a nice summer ride on the quad, they are focused on their education and career adventure and are currently planning the route they will take to meet with success.


“I think everybody should go through that,” says Cassidy.


Steeles (WR)