Spend 15 minutes for a chance to win $50

Have 15 minutes to spare? Take some time to answer the survey questions on education and career choices.

This survey was developed to understand the educational and career exploration processes undertaken by young adults. Your information will be kept confidential – we will not be sharing any individual results but will be reporting the responses in aggregate form.

We will be entering the names of all participants who complete the survey into a draw for a prize of a $50.00 VISA gift card.  Thank you very much in advance! 

It’s been years since you were in Career Trek and we’d like to know how you’ve been.  Did you get the high school courses you needed?  Did you go to university or college?  Or did you walk your own path? 

Did Career Trek prepare you for your journey?  We want to know!

Understanding your journey will help us ease a new generation of young people into education and employment.

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