Tanner is a laidback 14 year-old who thought he knew what career he wanted, until Career Trek changed the direction of his life.

Tanner was enrolled in Career Trek’s Phase 2 Project when he found out that the program he wanted to attend was filled and he would have to accept his second choice: Aerospace Technology.

“I am happy I got switched because it was fun and there was lots to do,” says Tanner. “I fell in love with it! I knew I wanted to do this. This is what I want to do.”

Tanner’s exposure to a different occupation has changed his career goal and, with Career Trek’s help, he has figured out the steps he needs to reach it. He has even chosen to go to a different high school, one that has courses that will help him on his journey.

Tanner’s story is an example of the life changing impact that Career Trek programming can have on the life of children and youth – all made possible because of you.

When asked if Career Trek has had an impact on his life, Tanner’s face lights up. “I think a big one!” he says, “It turned my career choice around. I now know that this is 100 per cent what I want to do thanks to Career Trek.”