Graduations Are Just the Beginning of a Bright New Future

crowd of graduated seated in an auditorium wearing their caps and gowns waiting to be called to receive certificates

In a work world of ever-increasing complexity children and youth often get bombarded with negative news about the state of the economy.  Skills mismatches, the offshoring of jobs, the threat of automation, and the ever-present haze of youth unemployment starts to seep into their consciousness and can’t help but cause worry.

But Career Trek can help!

Career Trek programming parts the haze and opens children’s eyes to the opportunities that are available and, while providing them with a truly fun experience, gives them the soft skills and confidence they need to realize their educational goals and navigate the world of work.

It’s currently the Career Trek grad season and here’s some information that may help to strengthen your belief that the future for our young people is very bright indeed.

Congratulations to all of our 2016-2017 graduates!  Your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm are inspiring.

Keep reaching for the stars Trekkers!


 This is the 21st time Career Trek has graduated and completed participants and is the most successful year yet.

In the 2016-17 season:

  • 846 participants experienced Career Trek programming
  • 157 participants distinguished themselves by winning an award
  • 9 participants received a $1,000 RESP from the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation
  • 40 Junior Staff Mentors guided younger participants through 355 lessons
  • 172 part-time staff shared their knowledge with participants


Children Rising Highlight

A Phase 2 participant in high school made connections during a weekend of programming that led her to be nominated for a bursary. She made a direct connection to the Indigenous Academic Advisor at the University of Manitoba, where she is attending school this fall.


‘M’ Program Highlight

Jessica Spence, an ‘M’ Program participant came into the program dead-set on going into Dental Hygiene. Throughout the program, she developed her career plan with information about program requirements, labour market and salary expectations and now hopes to go into Dentistry.


Wonder of Work Westman Highlight

Wonder of Work Westman participant, Rebecca Chestly, distinguished herself, by defending the importance of Career Trek to her Board of Trustees.


Wonder of Work Winnipeg Highlight

Wonder of Work Winnipeg participant, Izabella Terleski, discovered new things about herself (including a new found love of Chemistry) and feels more confident in pursuing her future career options and how to get there.


NOR-MAN Highlight

Dylan was so excited about Career Trek that for our team spirit awards he didn’t just wear purple, he painted his whole body with purple marker on Family Day.  His smile was so big every morning.  He would get there half an hour early each week just to hang out with the staff.  He was great with the other Career Trekkers as well, his enthusiasm was contagious and he always had a positive word of encouragement for them.