Why is Career Trek important?

Thank you so much for this life changing experience. It has helped us to understand and focus and plan academically for Claire’s future and my younger daughters. I wish everyone could have this experience. A true gift.

Wonder of Work Participant

The future of the labour market is, for the most part, unknown. Today's youth face high youth unemployment and fast-paced technological change. They will deal with greater competition for jobs, and the need for more skilled employees.

Career Trek lessons go beyond skills needed for specific professions. We support young people as they develop confidence. Career Trekkers become resilient, and will be flexible within future job markets. Career Trek participants can adapt their skills to meet the needs of future economies.

With the challenges students face today, life-long learning is key to continuous employment. Career Trekkers develop tools they need to navigate career paths, and self-awareness to know when to adjust.

Pathways to Career Success

I thought it’d be nice to go to a school where I can do aerospace every single day, I’m 100% sure this is what I’m wanting to do in my career and why not start early! I also wanted to sincerely thank you for having me in the aerospace program, it was the best 22 weeks in my life, it really changed my career path (IN A GOOD WAY) and I’m super excited for this opportunity to go to Tec Voc!
Get Ready to Work! Participants

By some estimates, 77 per cent of Canada’s workforce will need a post-secondary education by the year 2031. For today’s youth, a post-secondary education is becoming increasingly important.

Career Trek helps young people to interact and become comfortable in post-secondary settings. Participants can make smoother transitions into higher education and the world of work.

We recognize that not all participants will pursue education beyond high school graduation. Skills developed at Career Trek are applicable to many pathways toward career success and self-actualization.

Career Trek sets graduates up for success, regardless of the path they choose after Grade 12.   We focus on social skills, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.

If it wasn’t for Career Trek I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have gone into Education. While I was an instructor I discovered my passion for teaching and decided to apply. I really credit Career Trek for my success. If I was not an instructor in the program I would not be an Educator today. Career Trek has played a monumental role in my life.