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In order to prepare youth for the future of work it is important they have access to and experience with a variety of options that will allow them to explore jobs that are in line, not only with the demands and opportunities in the labour market or in their home communities, but jobs that also align with their interests, skills and talents. Career Trek helps do this, and more.

Your Future is Now: is career education programming for students in Grades 9 to 12. Students explore careers, as well as participate in workshops and industry tours. A unique component of this programming is the opportunity participants have to connect with the community at-large. They identify a need or an issue in the community that is important to them, learn more about it and then make a commitment to support the cause in some way ie. Fundraise, Awareness Event or Community Clean Up.

Workshops, Tours & Networking

Career Trek’s youth programming also provides the opportunity for students to participate skill building workshops, industry tours, and networking opportunities that help support and enhance the learning experience. These opportunities include:

  • Workshops
    • Self Awareness
    • Your Personal Brand, Why It Maters
    • Resume Writing & Interview Skills
    • Financial Literacy & Budget Management
    • Communication & Critical Thinking
  • Industry Insights: Industry-specific professionals visit programs to provide an overview of the industry as a whole, the jobs available and what is required for entry.
  • Success Story Spotlights: Individuals from a variety of sectors share their personal career journeys with participants – highlighting their successes, their challenges, what they learned and how they persevered. The biggest takeaway from these sessions is that the path to, and in, career is not a straight line – there are highs, lows and adjustments along the way.


10 weeks Late October – early December
Either after school two days per week or on Saturdays


Winnipeg & Brandon
Exact locations TBD



Erin Chartrand (Brandon)

Manager, West

[email protected]
204-944-1800 ext. 155
Fax: 204-727-4006
Toll free: 1-800-693-3864 ext. 155


Taylor Bowman-Robinson

Manager, Youth Initiatives

[email protected]
204-944-1800 ext. 161


Mark Winstanley

Coordinator, Youth Initiatives

[email protected]
204-944-1800 ext. 170

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