About Us

Our Vision

We envision a Manitoba where all citizens are able to realize their full career and education potential.

Our Mission

We aim to give young Manitobans the experiences and information they need to succeed. They develop knowledge, skills, relationships, and values that will help them find educational and career success.

Career Trek is a registered charity that helps young people discover the importance of education and career development. Career-oriented programming, complete with hands-on activities, ignites participants’ passion for learning. Career Trek inspires young people to recognize their own potential.

Career Trek’s unique learning model guides Manitoba’s young people through increasingly more challenging education and career development learning. Participants thrive in a non-judgmental environment. They become engaged and invested in themselves and their communities.

With Career Trek, the path to career success becomes clear and well-marked. Participants leave the program empowered by knowledge and experience. They can make important decisions about the future.

Education and career development drive Manitoba’s workforce and economy. Career Trek works with local communities across the province to identify training needs and career opportunities for young people. When Manitoba’s young people are inspired to pursue career and educational paths, Manitoba’s communities are strong and resilient. 

Charitable Registration no: 86835 0547RR0001