Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

Career Trek programs help you figure out your best education and career path. Even if you have a great plan for the future, you might need financial support to help you get there. Career Trek connects young Manitobans with financial resources. 

What are some of the financial resources that you can take advantage of?

Career Trek Scholarships

Career Trek supports individuals as they start their post-secondary education. We help to break down financial barriers when we can.

Explore Career Trek scholarship options:

  • The Gord Hannon Memorial Scholarship
  • Post-secondary institutions give out bursaries based on financial need. If you need some support to help pay for school, you can apply for bursaries. The application might ask you to estimate your budget and expenses for the year. Schools want to know why students are seeking financial support.

    Explore bursary options at your post-secondary institution:

    Scholarships & Awards

    Scholarships are usually based on grades, athletic achievements, or other accomplishments. They often involve criteria like academic record, financial need, and extra-curricular activities.

    Lots of scholarships never get handed out, because nobody has applied for them. Apply for all the scholarships you’re qualified for- you never know!

    The list below will help you get started.

    For students at:

    Third Party Scholarships

    This list includes external awards, scholarships and bursaries. If you are applying for or attending post-secondary, this might help you out. Read the information carefully, and note deadlines. Contact the organization who posted the scholarship if you have questions.

    Note: This list is not a full guide of all funding sources. But we do hope it will give you some options, and help you plan for funding your post-secondary education.

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