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  • Sep 2016

    LGTW Presentation Proposal Extention

    The Let’s Get to Work Steering Committee has extended the Presentation Proposal deadline until September 29, 2016!

    If you have a proposal in process, now’s the time to complete it.

  • Sep 2016

    Quick, Time Is Running Out

    There’s only one-day left to propose a presentation on investing in people for Let’s Get to Work!

    Over 100 industry professionals are counting on you to share your story at this year’s symposium!

  • Sep 2016

    Trivia Trek Round 2

    Trivia night is back!  All proceeds support the Career Trek Steps in the Right Direction Scholarship Fund!

    Visit our Trivia Trek page for more information!

  • Aug 2016

    Career Wise News Letter

    Stay current, enrich your work, and save time by reading the most interesting articles on Career Councilling and Career Development all in one place.

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