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  • May 2017

    If you don’t use your voice, no one can hear you

    Program helps young leader become a champion  

    At a School Division Board meeting, just days before her convocation ceremony of March 11, eleven-year-old Rebecca Cheasley found the courage to stand up for a program that she loves, Career Trek.


  • Ready to Launch! Career Trek Alumnus is Reaching for the Stars

    Chantelle Dubois was just 10 years old when a teacher matter-of-factly told her that she would be going to Career Trek on Saturdays.

    “I was in grade six and I remember just being told ‘oh you’re going to go to this program Career Trek’,” says Chantelle.  “I don’t remember there being any build up or discussion, it was just like ‘here you go’.”


  • Tackle your future head on

    New course trailblazing Career Development

    Career Trek and the University of Winnipeg have teamed up to provide students with a “first of its kind” course on Career Development called Career: Life/Work Planning.


  • Graduations Are Just the Beginning of a Bright New Future

    In a work world of ever-increasing complexity children and youth often get bombarded with negative news about the state of the economy.  Skills mismatches, the offshoring of jobs, the threat of automation, and the ever-present haze of youth unemployment starts to seep into their consciousness and can’t help but cause worry.

    But Career Trek can help!


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