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Kids can't imagine a future for themselves doing something they've never experienced.

The goal of the Wonder of Work (WOW) program is to give children many educational and career experiences. WOW helps kids aged 10 and 11 to explore career options and to learn about themselves and their goals. They explore their likes, dislikes, and potential. Participants leave WOW empowered to take charge of their unique career paths.

WOW North makes education and career shifts a little easier on kids and their families. We designed the program to make these moments less stressful. WOW North graduates are resilient and empowered.

WOW North empowers children to plan for their future education and careers. The program is mindful of individual and cultural experiences of school systems.

WOW North breaks down barriers and builds understanding. We strive to create community between rural, urban, Indigenous, and non-Indigenous young people.

Schools and community organizations nominate children to attend WOW North every year.

The program gets children and parents from different communities and backgrounds working together. They help participants get ready for high school, and whichever path follows.

With WOW North, children become their own career champions.

What We Do

WOW North participants explore occupations and professions. Beyond that, they grow in cultural understanding. They build the foundations for strong communities and relationships.

These are some of the careers that past participants explored through hands-on learning:

University College of the North

  • Business
  • Carpentry
  • Education
  • Law Enforcement
  • Natural Resources
  • Nursing
  • Welding
  • Journalism
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Veterinarian
  • Kindergarten Teacher

Northern Manitoba Mining Academy

  • Environmental Science
  • Geological Sciences
  • Material Sciences
  • Mining



Hannah Pruder

Coordinator, North Region

204-944-1800 ext. 157
[email protected]

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Each year, 800 young people are nominated to attend our life-altering programming.

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