M-Power Program


The M-Power Program assists young moms who are currently in high school. The program helps participants to develop greater confidence and employability skills. They set education and career goals, and develop plans for the future. M-Power moms build better lives for themselves and their children.

M-Power gives young moms the chance to sample a broad range of occupations. This opens them up to self-discovery, career options, and empowerment.

M-Power focuses on career development. This helps participants explore their likes and dislikes. They are better able to grasp education opportunities and plan career paths.

M-Power helps moms connect with other young mothers and build community. Participants hear from inspiring women in the community. These women share their personal and career development stories. They teach the lessons that they've learned along the way.

M-Power helps young moms believe in their dreams, and make them reality. M-Power helps participants take control of their lives. They become their own education and career champions.

What we do

  • Engaging hands-on lessons
  • Career development education that helps you make important personal choices
  • Childcare staff help your little one with pre-school numeracy and literacy
  • Education savings and financial literacy support


Taylor Bowman-Robinson

Manager, Youth Initiatives

[email protected]
204-944-1800 ext. 117

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Each year, 800 young people are nominated to attend our life-altering programming.

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