March Programming Update


It seems serendipitous that spring has arrived earlier than usual in Manitoba. Career Trek has delivered career education programs in person on post-secondary campuses for 24 years now. The changes the pandemic brought about were momentous.

Now, thanks to the flexibility of our partners, funders, and staff, along with plenty of feedback and refinement, a vision for the future is coming together. As the snow melts and we see hints of renewal in nature, Career Trek is looking at the world with fresh eyes and a sense of the possibilities to come.

While quite a bit of uncertainty remains, we have learned so much this past year. We are able to make informed decisions about what programs, activities, and resources we offer, as well as where and how we deliver them.

We also get to determine who we offer them with. This past year we began partnering with other non-profits and industry representatives to reach more young Manitobans, and do so in more ways. This enables Career Trek to meet youth where they are, and strengthen our bonds with the communities we serve. We are part of a comprehensive web of support for those facing barriers to completing high school and pursuing post-secondary education or training. These individuals have more support to be able to achieve fulfilling careers.

Another new development – We are moving to year-round program delivery! After the 2020-2021 program comes to a close in June, we are planning to deliver summer programs, starting in July. We have some great opportunities in the works for this summer, and are really excited to share them with you. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

Allison Kirkland
Director of Programming 
[email protected]