Career Trek Celebrates National Tree Day with Kapabamayak Achaak Healing Forest

On September 23, Career Trek celebrated National Tree Day with the folks from Kapabamayak Achaak Healing Forest. This was a beautiful event that brought together Elders, Residential School Survivors, community and students, blending teachings from both and Indigenous and western world views.

Career Trek is committed to and is doing the work in the space of Truth and Reconciliation. National Tree Day provided an opportunity to do some of this work – Elders and community shared their knowledge, trees were planted to support the continuous growth of Kapabamayak Achaak, and students participated in hands-on career exploration. This event also reminded us about the “why” behind Career Trek: to plant the seeds (or in this case, the trees) of knowledge and possibility in the minds of young people, in order to build a better future for our province. 

We were so fortunate to have Kimberley Levasseur Puhach emcee the event, and to hear from Elder Val Vint and her drum group, MLA Nahanni Fontaine, MLA Sarah Guillemard, MLA Dougald Lamont, City Councillor Sherri Rollins, and a representative from MP Kevin Lamoureux’s office.

We invite you to share in the spirit of the event with us by watching this video we recorded of the ceremony: