Career Development

Transitioning from youth to adulthood is exciting. But it’s not without its challenges.

Children take their first steps into career education at a very early age. It is crucial that developmental career education begins in early childhood.

Career Trek empowers young people with skills and understanding. We make sure they have the tools they need to navigate transitions.

Career Trek empowers participants to be able to make big, important decisions. Participants explore careers with hands-on activities, and tour post-secondary campuses. They gain strong, positive role models.

Career planning and development can be hard. Starting early and doing a bit at a time makes the process less stressful and more rewarding.

These resources can help you and your family tackle career planning.

Career Trek Resources

Road to Employment


In May 2014, two recent post-secondary graduates began work on a documentary. The two struggled with employment after graduation. They wanted to make an engaging film, and help students who were starting out in the job market.

Road to Employment follows Denis and Clinton on a road trip across Canada. They explore how young people can build fulfilling, sustainable careers.

Road to Employment: Part 1
Road to Employment: Part 2