Career Development

Children and Youth are in an ongoing state of transition as they slowly shift from adolescence into adulthood. They are undergoing emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental changes.

This can be a very exciting time for a child, but it can also be challenging.

The purpose of education is to help children understand the world around them and provide them with the skills they need to navigate the transitions they will face.

Children take the first steps of career education at a very early age, and it is crucial that a developmental career education should begin in early childhood.

By exposing children to sound career development information, practices, and programs we can help prepare them with the skills and understanding they need to navigate their transitions.

We help our participants discover their dreams through exposure to careers, insight into the world of post-secondary education, strong positive role modeling, and the development of strong decision-making skills.

Career planning and development can be a difficult and challenging task. Starting early and doing a bit at a time can help to reduce stress and help you become more aware of the exciting career opportunities available.

The following resources can assist you and your family in the important task of career planning. Each entry will provide a short description of what the resource offers. Simply click on the title and you will be taken directly to the resource.

Career Development Primer for Parents
Career Development Planning Resources
Introduction to Career Cruising
Summer Jobs
Volunteer Opportunities

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Road to Employment

Road to Employment was conceived in May 2014 by two recent graduates who struggled with employment after leaving school. At first their goal was simply to make an engaging film to empower students for their entry into the job market.

Seeing the opportunity to contribute to positive change in Canada, the team and vision grew to become so much more. Watch their docuseries.

Road to Employment: Part 1 and Part 2