Ashley Esau

Communications Coordinator

Ashley Esau was a Career Trek (CT) participant from Frontenac, in 2000.

Ashley was chosen to participate in the Wonder of Work program in grade 7 and had the opportunity to go to The University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, and Red River College. She loved school and had a passion for learning, so Career Trek was a perfect fit for her.

A highlight from programming for Ashley was when she experienced Red River College and discovered what it was like being in broadcasting.

Another one of her favorite moments from CT was when the teacher connected with the kids by telling them that “Cheez Whiz has plastic, the same thing chairs are made of”

For parents considering letting their kids be part of CT, “100% it’s a great program,” Ashley says. She went on to say that it’s an interactive way to get kids thinking about post-secondary.

Ashley says the programming taught her organization, responsibility, and time management, “because kids have to wake up on time,”. It also teaches kids confidence and “to not be scared to ask questions,” Ashley says.

CT exposes participants to different careers at a young age and gives them the opportunity to make friends from outside of their school who share this incredible experience.

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