Brandi is a teacher at St. John’s High School in the Winnipeg School Division and teaches Grade 7 Language Arts. She has long sandy coloured hair and sparkling eyes and is thankful for the opportunities life has presented.

Brandi’s current happiness, however, wasn’t always a sure thing. When she was a young woman working for Career Trek, as an Environmental Science Instructor, in 2005 she was offered two well paying jobs in Alberta, jobs she was pressured to accept.

In the end Brandi chose to follow her passion for teaching, a passion she had discovered while working for Career Trek.

“If it wasn’t for Career Trek I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t have gone into Education, says Brandi. “While I was an instructor I discovered my passion for teaching and decided to apply.”

Years later, Brandi’s passion has transformed her into a health expert, fitness leader, singer, model and, most importantly, a motivational speaker. Brandi travels the province working with youth, band members, and educators teaching self-esteem and self-care.

Her work has recently been recognized by Indspire, a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds to deliver programs that provide tools for Indigenous people. Brandi recently won an Indspire Award for her work.

“It is an incredible honour to work with students, families, and communities from across Canada, helping them to know themselves and to teach them self-esteem and self-care,” says Brandi. “I really credit Career Trek for my success. If I was not an instructor in the program I would not be an Educator today. Career Trek has played a monumental role in my life.”

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