Young Woman Travels to Winnipeg for Work Placement at Career Trek

Kiara Mcivor
Wednesday, January 21, 2016


Winnipeg  –  Kiara Mcivor resident of Duck Bay makes a tough decision to come to Winnipeg for a work placement at Career Trek.


“It wasn’t as tough as I thought. I leaned a lot about the staff and what they do,” says Kiara. “I leaned that I like to work with computers.”


Kiara came to Winnipeg from January 17th till the 22nd to lean about different work departments at Career Trek like Education Savings, Wonder of Work, Communications, Finance, and ‘M’ Program.


“I think that this was very important for my future,” says Kiara.


Now that the work placement is over Kiara is sad to leave Career Trek, but she’s happy at the same time because she going to see her family.




Please note: this article was written by Kiara Mcivor as part of her work placement with Career Trek.  While interning with the Public Relations Officer, she was expected to learn about the Communications Department and produce a written piece for the newsletter.