Young Mothers Make News

The hard work and persistence of ‘M’ Program participants paid off yesterday when their well earned graduation ceremony was recognized by friends, family, and CBC news.


After 20 weeks of career exploration, Cheyenne Fontaine, Tamara Fontaine, Jane Kinya, Anita Peltier, Cynthia Staples, and Jessica Spence graduated from Career Trek’s ‘M’ Program.


MProgramGrad-Jane (WR)The ceremony was the culmination of weeks of hard work, self exploration, and career development learning.


“The young women in the M Program have been so committed to learning and exploring new career opportunities this year. I am so impressed with their maturity and dedication and I am sure they will all go far,” says Erica Hoiss, ‘M’ Program Manager.


The young women were taken to the University of Manitoba, The University of Winnipeg, Red River College, and Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology where they sampled careers like Analytical Chemist, Doctor, Pharmacy Technician, and Technical Drafter.


The Participants sacrifice two-nights a week from October to May learning from  post-secondry students and specialized instructors.


They get hands-on experience in up to 50 different careers while learning how their current subjects are instrumental to their future success.


“I found it life changing,” says Cheyenne Fontaine.  “Some people think your life is over when you have a child at a younger age, but it’s not.”



Watch the CBC News Manitoba piece: Young moms graduate from ‘life-changing’ career exploration program in Winnipeg.