Each year, 800 young people are nominated to attend our life-altering programming.

Career Trek runs eight programs in the Winnipeg, Westman, Parkland, and NOR-MAN regions of Manitoba:  five located in Winnipeg and three outside of Winnipeg.

Here are the characteristics that all Career Trek programs share:


Career Development

 A Career Development focus in infused into all our programming.  Participants are guided and supported through the four recognized stages of career development.

They get to develop the skills that will increase their chances of successfully transitioning from school to post-secondary education, training and/or work.



Our programming celebrates participants’ accomplishments.  Each Career Trek program ends with a celebration event to honour the hard work and dedication of the participants.



Our programming is designed with all communities in mind.  Our unique model blends rural, urban, suburban, Aboriginal, non-Aboriginal, and newcomer children and youth in order to break down barriers, build understanding, and create a sense of community.



Our programming involves families.  Families are the single greatest influence on a child’s success.  Our programming makes space for family and friends to join participants at programming and encourages them to get involved in planning for their child’s future.



All Career Trek programming is hands-on.  Hands-on learning imparts a host of benefits that empower young people.  That is why our programming limits instruction time and maximizes the time that participants spend actually doing an occupational task.



Our programming is based on a belief in mentorship.  All Career Trek programs use mentors to inspire and engage our participants.  Our use of high school students as mentors has the dual purpose to developing employment skills for the mentor and giving our younger participants someone to look up to.



First time participants have to be nominated to join Career Trek.  Career Trek’s program model relies on participating schools to nominate children to join programming.  Participants are chosen based on two criteria: they can benefit from our programming and they have the potential to succeed in post-secondary education.



Career Trek’s strength comes from its partnerships.  Career Trek partners with pre-existing elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions to provide a cost effective means of providing career awareness.  Schools provide the participants, post-secondary institutions provide the space, and Career Trek provides the programming.


Post-Secondary Institutions and Training Programs  

Our programming takes place at post-secondary and training institutions across the province.  By introducing young Manitobans to post-secondary and training institutions our programming helps them prepare for the transition to higher education.

By introducing families to post-secondary and training institutions our programming helps to get families thinking about their child’s future and saving for their education.



Our programming emphasizes respect.  At the beginning of each program participants are reminded about Career Trek’s 4Rs.

  1. Respect Yourself
  2. Respect Others
  3. Respect the Environment
  4. Take Responsibility for Your Actions

This is one of the ways that our programming builds socially responsible citizens.