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Fiona got involved with Career Trek when she was nine years old. She explored career lessons through Wonder of Work, and it opened her eyes to the possibilities.

“It changed my life,” she said.

“I gained knowledge, experience, as well as met many amazing people. The exposure I got with Career Trek is truly a privilege.”

Fiona took every chance she could to participate in Career Trek as a kid, and into her teenage years. She was an enthusiastic learner at Wonder of Work (WOW), Get Ready to Work! (GRTW), and the Junior Staff Mentorship program (JSMP).

A Career Trek Enthusiast…

Fiona LOVED Career Trek and said she had a ton of fond memories of her time in the programs.

“The Wonder of Work Program I remember always being so excited for.  The highlights were always the family days where I got to show my family what I was learning for the past four weeks.

“The Get Ready to Work Program was very interesting and memorable as well, learning about a specific occupation for the duration of the programming was amazing, I gained lots of knowledge.

She took on leadership roles, too, first as a JSMP campus coordinator, and then leading groups through WOW and the Seven Oaks School Division Project as a part-time staff member.

“…when I became a staff member, the memories were endless, working with other staff, as well as kids who were once where I was to help them explore their potential was extremely rewarding and the best feeling ever.”

Online Career Mentorship – Career Trek in 2021

Fiona now owns a photography business, which she balances with being a mom to a two-year-old and attending business school full-time. She has relocated to the Ottawa area, but because Career Trek programs are online this year, she generously gave her time to talk to a group of GRTW participants.

She was able to recreate the magic of helping Career Trekkers realize their potential, from hundreds of kilometres away.

“[Speaking at GRTW] was an amazing opportunity, I have never had the opportunity to do anything along the lines of being a guest speaker, nor talk about my business to others. It felt so right as well as rewarding to do so.”

Fiona also shared some wise words for young people getting started with career exploration. She said if you can get involved in Career Trek, you should!

“Whether it’s The Wonder of Work Program or even The M-Power Program, it is never too late to explore and discover your potential with Career Trek. I am forever grateful for being a part of this program.”

And WE are forever grateful to amazing Career Trek alumni like Fiona for sharing their talents and stories with us! If you have a Career Trek story you’d like to share, get in touch! Email Communications & Events Coordinator Ayomide Shittu at [email protected].