RBC Athlete Skylar Park leads brand awareness workshop for Career Trek youth participants

On March 10 and 16, Career Trek youth participants – from Junior Staff Mentorship Program, Get Ready to Work!, M-Power, and CRAVE – attended the “RBC Future Launch – Your Brand Matters” Workshop facilitated by RBC Olympian Skylar Park.

Skylar shared the importance of building your own personal brand and keeping it in mind in every personal and career-oriented decision that you make.

During the workshop, our participants were asked to complete a few sentences. Here are some of the highlights!

“I am good at…”

  • Problem solving
  • Creating
  • Being organized
  • Helping others
  • Technology

“I value…”

  • Honesty and trust
  • Good work ethic and mutual respect
  • Hard work and honesty
  • Equality, diversity, and inclusion

“I am interested in…”

  • Making a change
  • Human rights
  • Abstract concepts

“I look forward to…”

  • Developing confidence
  • Inspiring others to do the right thing
  • Developing my professional skills

“I hope one day…”

  • To become an educator
  • People will look back and remember me as someone who changed the world for the better
  • I can find a vaccine for a disease or cure for something in the medical field
  • Travel and meet new people